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  • Kyle Dizam-: About regaining my Facebook account
    Esperado: 60 mins
  • pepperelf: I got a email replay that said facebook does n...
    Esperado: 10 mins
  • Anónimo: How do I close the old Facebook account,forgot...
    Esperado: 30 mins
  • t3w: Email doesn't work. FB says to only go to face...
    Esperado: 2 mins
  • MrsPalmRea-: Facebook, rather believe lies from a hacker, h...
    Esperado: < 1 min
  • Anon: Waste of time
    Esperado: 5 mins
  • Anónimo: Why won't you accept my email address? First, ...
    Esperado: 30 mins
  • Chloe: Someone hacked my account then they told me I ...
    Esperado: 90 mins
  • Anónimo: I requested a new password. You said you would...
    Esperado: 30 mins
  • Anónimo: No one helped me
    Esperado: 5 mins

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