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  • ekin arsla-: yesss
    Esperado: 12 mins
  • Jamal Anth-: Ridiculous
    Esperado: 36 mins
  • rickeydrak-: the sunglasses on you website rayban are count...
    Esperado: 1 min
  • t: I need to reset my password. I have been block...
    Esperado: 30 mins
  • MJHS: Claim that they can,t do anything or help with...
    Esperado: 20 mins
  • JO74: This email is not supported by facebook. going...
    Esperado: 1 min
  • Anónimo: Facebook is impossible! Here is there response...
    Esperado: 1 min
  • Anónimo: I've tried to reset password all day ; haven't...
    Esperado: 24 mins
    Esperado: 1 min
  • rudie : really bad for such a big company who has no i...
    Esperado: 10 mins

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