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  • droach: I am unable to get Groupon on the phone or to ...
    Esperado: 60 mins
  • Onlycallfr-: 7 or 8 emails and they never answered my quest...
    Esperado: 99 mins
  • honor08: What is going on!! How's it possible that a l...
    Esperado: 50 mins
  • Is Anybody-: I haven't been able to reach anybody by phone,...
    Esperado: 98 mins
  • Anónimo: They didn't give me a refund to my credit card...
    Esperado: 36 mins
  • UN HAPPY!: I have a 100 gift card i can not use do to not...
    Esperado: 28 mins
  • Anónimo: i have called several times to clear up my pro...
    Esperado: 25 mins
  • skyler: Mum if my mom ordered me a iPhone 5 last week ...
    Esperado: 1 min
  • catch a ta-: I am trying to sign my business up with Groupo...
    Esperado: 20 mins
  • LADYFRISCO: i have used groupn many times in the past nol...
    Esperado: 30 mins

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