AT&T U-Verse Número de teléfono

Call AT&T U-Verse Agent - Disconnect service - More than one - I don't know - Business department

This part of the AT&T U-Verse phone system goes to a Human. There are 6 steps to get there. No account information needed.

Saving time before calling

Déjanos manejarlo
Los problemas del cliente pueden tardar horas, días o semanas en resolverse. Contrate a un experto para que lo haga todo por usted.
Skip waiting on hold
At least skip the hold music and all the waiting. We connect you to a human.
Nosotros te guiamos
Antes de llamar, obtenga una guía paso a paso para su problema en particular.

Getting to this department

  • What number are you calling about? Or say I don't know
    • 0Agent
      • 4Disconnect service
        • What service are you calling about? Internet/TV/Cellphone/More than one
          • "More than one"
            • Are you calling about U-verse
              • "Yes"
                • What number are you calling about?
                  • "I don't know"
Call from your computer
Use our web-phone to save plan minutes. Use auto-pilot, record the call & other features.
Tap or click to call
Tap or click here to to call 800-288-2020; press 0, press 4, say "More than one", say "Yes", say "I don't know", say "Business"
AT&T U-Verse Número de teléfono